Who is Fresh Loot?

My Approach

Fresh Loot aims to deliver the best news, reviews, and articles for a young and trendy audience. I focus primarily on watches, lifestyle, technology, and luxury goods. Thoughtful and impactful insights can be found in each review and article.

My Story

Every business has a beginning, and this is mine. Influenced by other bloggers who grew too big, my aim is to bring news and reviews from the latest shopping trends back to it’s basics. My goal is to provide authentic, unbiased reviews and information that you will want to read. Fresh Loot’s pursuit is simple: give the people what they want from a trusted source.

Meet the Team

Right now, Fresh Loot is run by one person… me. I’m not a big conglomerate specializing in the interests of advertising. I’m just a guy who really enjoys cool things and writing reviews about the stuff that interest me.

About Me

I’ve been a teacher, entrepreneur, air conditioning tech, amongst a few other odds and end jobs. I came up with the concept of FreshLoot many years ago, but I wanted to provide the best information I could. Now, armed with experience in online media, I feel that I can share my passion for luxury lifestyle living with you.